Save Up to 20% in Fuel Costs with Poly Heat Exchanger

Poly Heat Exchanger offers large energy savings for energy intensive heating and cooling projects. In addition to fuel savings you have smaller weight and size at lower manufacturing costs worldwide. The potential exists to save nearly 20% in fuel costs with some applications saving considerably more.

Currently, the world manufacturing and technology industry spends about $150 billion annually on heat exchangers. Imagine, a 20% savings!  But even now, on your business, it’s possible for you to spend less money for increased effectiveness.

For example, recovering and fully using vehicle heat waste could save up to 40% of the current energy use. More efficient systems can reduce the size of the heat exchanger needed in the car. This reduces the weight of the system making the car overall more efficient.

Savings in USA cars alone could amount to billions of gallons of gasoline per year. Consider the additional savings from trucks, light trucks, and busses that convert to these micro channel heat exchangers.
This heat exchanger can have a significant effect on manufacture’s bottom line and user’s pocket books. Additionally, it will also reduce CO2 emissions in the USA and worldwide for a greener world.

Ideal partners of Poly Heat Exchanger include:
1. Automotive manufacturers and LEED designers/builders/contractors to incorporate high effectiveness HX in heat recovery ventilators.
2. Data cooling center infrastructure designers and builders
3. Power plant cooling infrastructure designers and builders

Poly Heat Exchanger is a novel and powerful way to help companies comply with restrictive emissions laws. At the same time it reduces energy waste.

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